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Your financial solutions

Welcome to Unbounded Tek, your trusted partner in Fintech solutions and emerging technologies. We pride ourselves on offering innovative, secure, and tailored services that seamlessly integrate Blockchain technology with traditional financial systems, empowering your business to succeed in the global marketplace.



Software Development

Shaping Tomorrow's Fintech Landscape Today
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Empower Solutions

Unbounded Tek strategically empowers clients to achieve their precise business objectives through meticulously tailor-made solutions. We specialize in developing innovative digital platforms and providing global card solutions.

Fintech Expertise

Our team of experts seamlessly integrate blockchain and fintech with extensive banking expertise. We provide cutting-edge cloud-based solutions for core banking, payments, card issuing, and beyond.

Competitive Edge

Our company stays competitive through unyielding dedication to innovation and a client-focused approach. We consistently offer next-gen solutions to enable our clients to meet their business goals.

Any Platforms


Effortlessly transition between devices, with our software designed for mobility, guaranteeing uninterrupted productivity everywhere. Every platform we develop is universally compatible, and upon completion, ownership and intellectual property rights are transferred to you.
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Card Programs

Elevate your enterprise to new heights with our customized card-issuing solutions. Our meticulously crafted white-glove services seamlessly integrate effortless automation and visionary loyalty programs, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Moreover, our extensive global partner network ensures that you are always connected to the perfect program, whether it be through a private label for more advanced initiatives or a shared BIN for entry-level programs.
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Comprehensive Card Solutions

Explore our adaptable card-issuing solutions, designed to meet a diverse range of needs. Whether it's credit, debit, or prepaid cards, our offerings are designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. All these are made possible through our extensive partnerships and the use of our Unbounded APIs that ensure seamless integration and efficient operation.

Exceptional Experiences

We are unequivocally dedicated to prioritizing client satisfaction, underlining the fact that client confidentiality is paramount to us. Amid a competitive landscape, our unwavering commitment enables us to deliver meticulously crafted, efficient solutions that not only meet but surpass anticipated benchmarks.

Streamlined Operations and Growth

Embracing automation can yield impressive results, streamlining processes to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and eliminate redundant manual tasks. As the gears of automation swing into motion, businesses can reap the benefits of increased operational efficiency, freeing up time for strategic initiatives.

Global Card-Issuing Expertise

The Unbounded team, with its wealth of collective experience and expansive global network, specializes in providing comprehensive card issuing solutions. Our proficiency is built on decades of industry knowledge, and a steadfast dedication to innovation, which enables us to stay at the forefront of the industry.


Exchange Platform

At the forefront of financial innovation, our state-of-the-art white label cryptocurrency exchange platform revolutionizes traditional financial markets using blockchain technology. Meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry, this flexible and adaptive solution embodies decentralization and transparency.
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*Not available in the United States*
Customizable Interface
Liquidity Provision
Advanced Security
Seamless Integration
Multi-Currency Support
User-Friendly Design


White Label Exchange Components

Revolutionize Business
White-label crypto exchanges offer a profitable, customizable, and cost-effective entry into the fast-paced cryptocurrency market.
Efficiency & Innovation
Embrace cost-efficient, customizable, and competitive strategies. Save time, boost profit, and stay current with our ready solutions.
Crypto White Label Security
Crypto White Label Technology. Robust defenses, reliability, and user protection in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.
Enhanced Crypto Wallet
Next-generation wallet services offer both custodial and non-custodial options, ensuring user flexibility and asset control.

Crypto exchange

Software Licensing

At Unbounded, we understand that licensing software isn't just an operational necessity - it's a catalyst for propelling business growth and stimulating immediate revenue generation. Our web-based platform simplifies every aspect of the licensing journey, from the initial purchase to hassle-free renewals and efficient software management.
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Low Barrier to Entry
By licensing our proprietary crypto software, you avail yourself of robust copyright protection and control, safeguarding your digital assets from unauthorized access or reproduction. Moreover, our commitment to continual software enhancement ensures users always have access to the latest version, boosting security and performance.
Safeguard your clients valuable data and secure intellectual property with our advanced Cryptography and Blockchain services. Experience swift, seamless transactions and supercharge your business operations. Leverage our comprehensive crypto exchange licensing services, and start reaping the financial benefits within just 30 days of launch.
100% Customizable
Customizing your program empowers you to build a versatile crypto exchange that truly mirrors your brand's vision. Tailor design, pricing, and security to suit unique business needs, and deliver excellence and safety to your customers. The ability to fine-tune elements not only elevates their trading experience but also fosters trust and loyalty amongst your clients.
Fees Your Way
Our service offers flexibility in fee structuring, allowing clients to craft a payment structure that aligns with their unique business requirements. This customization enables businesses to optimize their expenses, ensuring services are cost-effective and tailored to their operational and financial needs.
On our whitelabel platforms, we place your security at the forefront. We incorporate multi-signature wallets, guaranteeing heightened authorization before transactions. Evolved encryption techniques safeguard your data, while Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of access security.
Our white-label program amplifies your financial endeavors by delivering unparalleled, bespoke solutions, expedited transactions, and exclusive features that are tailor-made to your business needs. It flawlessly integrates with globally-renowned liquidity providers, fortifying the potency and fluidity of your operations.


Licensing Components

Experience seamless cryptocurrency exchange setup with our comprehensive solutions, featuring expert support, robust back-end systems, rapid launch capabilities, flexibility, and comprehensive features.
Effortless Setup and Expert Guidance

Step into the effortless realm of cryptocurrency with our cost-effective, custom software licensing, complete with expert support, a robust backend, and guided assistance throughout.

Unlocking Success in Cryptocurrency Trading

Unlock Success with Reliable Cryptocurrency Trading, Secure Environment, Expert Guidance. Start Quickly, Grow Confidently with Advanced Features and Exceptional Support.

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